Friday, January 30, 2015

Life Book Lesson #4

Just a quick post today...our entire household has come down with the stinks and we all feel awful.  I feel slightly less awful right now so I'm taking this opportunity to try and get a little bit of work and posting done before going back to my recovery spot on the couch.

This was our fourth lesson, a mini lesson, and let me tell was hard!  The face was actually the easiest part and I love this style...super quick and easy, not too fussy, just perfect.  Adding a body was a whole other issue!  The script around her waist reads "this was hard!" LOL!  I got the proportions all wrong the first time and I had to gesso over everything but her head and start again.  The second time around was better, but still could still use some work.  I did really enjoy the lesson and the look of this girl so my message to myself is to "be brave" and try another ballerina girl again in the future!

Enjoy!  And now...back to the couch...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Choose Joy

I spent part of the weekend with some of my favorite art supplies...Wendy Vecchi embossing paste, stencils (from Donna Downey and Seth Apter), and Dina Wakley paints...and I created a fun new art journal page.  To start, I picked up a Donna Downey art journal before Christmas (Merry Christmas to me!) and I love it...check out the pretty fabric cover...
 This is a small journal...around 6x9...and I love the smaller size; feels much more manageable when creating vs. tackling a 9x12 or larger piece of paper.  Also, the inside pages are super thick and sturdy and each page has an inclusion.  I'm really happy with this journal and imagine I'll be purchasing more of them in the future.

 A few weeks ago, Donna included a photo of one of her projects in a recent email blast about her new Inspiration Wednesday videos.  I loved the texture of her piece so I set out to create something similar.  I don't know how Donna created her piece, but these are the steps that I took to make my pages.  

I started by using a palette knife to add embossing paste over the entire background of my page and the inclusion.  I allowed this to dry overnight (it was thick!)  I then went back and used stencils and more embossing paste to add a second layer.  Allow to dry overnight.  Next, I gesso'd over all of the pages and paste.  Once that I was dry, I added my paint, starting with Dina Wakley's Night.  Once the first paint layer was dry, I mixed Dina's Turquoise paint and glazing fluid together (equal parts) and applied the paint over almost all of the Night painted pages.  Allow the Turquoise to sit for about a minute and then use a baby wipe to remove some of the Turquoise paint.  (This is a technique I learned from Donna Downey)
 The last layer was a combination of Dina's Tangerine paint mixed with Golden's Burnt Sienna.  This layer was lightly brushed on and then I used a baby wipe to blend.  The last thing I did was add a quote (from a Wendy Vecchi stamp set) and date tag, ala Donna Downey.  (I have to share that I love adding those dates is so much fun to go back through your journal pages and see what you were creating on a certain date.  Very cool way to see how your art progresses.)
When I finished both pages I thought, "hey, this looks like a Seth Apter page!"  Just goes to how we're influenced by the artist's work we most admire.  This ended up reminding me of the 52 Card Pick Up class that I took with Seth...very similar colors...and the texture is all Donna Downey.  And I love all of the texture...embossing paste to the rescue, that stuff is AWESOME, thank you Wendy Vecchi!  Now that my first pages are done, it's time to get to work on the rest of my journal...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sweet 'n Sassy Guest Post

I'm posting over on the Sweet 'n Sassy blog today!  Hop on over to check out all of the details.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Life Book - Challenge #3

This past week's lesson was brought to us by the lovely and talented Joanne Sharpe!  I took one of Joanne's classes a few months ago at one of our local stores.  It was a full day class where we explored all types of writing and journaling exercises.  I had a wonderful day and came home with lots of ideas.  

True confessions...I adore Joanne's work, but I struggled with this week's lesson.  I really don't like my own handwriting and find that I can't come up with more than two ways to make letters!  LOL!  I mean by that statement that it takes too much brain power for me to think of more than two "fonts!"  **giggle**  I'm a person that likes to just start flinging paint and see where it takes me...this type of art takes more thought and planning.  However, I enjoyed the process and was happy with the final result. 

  I started my piece by first using a regular pencil to lightly outline my letters and flowers.  I then started adding my watercoloring (I did really enjoy watercoloring...I love watercolors!).  I used Peerless watercolors for the coloring.  If you've never used Peerless NEED them!  They are watercolor papers...easy traveling, just pack up a few pieces of paper, and easy to use.

 Once all of my watercolors were dry, I went over all of my pencil lines with a Fude Ball marker.  (Yes, I did watercolor the flowers before outlining in black)  This allowed me to change some of my lines, to add thicker lines to my large faith letters, and to add more detail to my sketch.  (Most of these flower designs were taken from Joanne's book...they are not my original ideas...only the layout is my design)

The bulk of the work was in the outlining and adding of details.  I added lines to the flowers, some doodling around the letters, the black and white patterns (love that!), and the black and white dots, which I am obsessed with adding to many coloring pieces!  I also used Copics to add a hint of shading to a few of the flowers.
 The quote on my piece is also from Joanne's book...I love that she included two pages of quotes in her book that you can use on your own art...what a great idea!

Overall, I did enjoy creating this piece, even though this is not exactly my style.  I really appreciate Joanne's work and think she is wildly talented.  I'm hoping to become more comfortable with writing as I'd like to incorporate some of her lettering styles into my art journal pages.  I also really enjoy this type of high end doodling when I'm on vacation.  We tend to camp quite a bit and bringing along a sketch book and a few pens/markers is a great activity in the evenings or to do with the kids.

Now we're on to week four of our Life Book challenges...can't wait to see what's next!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Life Book - Lesson #2

 This week's lesson was a fairly simple one; create a tag!  I have a ton of unfinished tags in my stash, left over from many days of demonstrating techniques (not never finishing a project), so I simply found a pre-inked tag and added all kinds of goodies!

The background was created with Distress Paint and then I added stamping and tissue wrap, which looks amazing on top of painted surfaces...transparent, but an obvious extra layer.  LOVE!  I then added the photo (from Tim's Found Relatives Cards) and embellishments.  There's washi tape, filmstrip ribbon, chipboard letters (covered with some white paint), metal embellishments, and my reminder to "show kindness everyday."  The word GRACE at the bottom is my word for 2015...


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sweet 'n Sassy Guest Post

I'm over on the Sweet 'n Sassy blog today...sharing a fun pop up card!  Click on over to check out the details.  Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sweet 'n Sassy Release Day

Welcome to the January Sweet 'n Sassy release day celebration!  I adore release day...such a great opportunity to see all of the amazing new designs from SNSS and to see tons of beautiful artwork!  This month's releases are listed below, along with my samples and links to the rest of the design team's work!  Enjoy!

 First up is my card featuring Sassy Cindy....and this girl is right up my alley (shh..don't let my husband know I'm sassy...oh wait, too late! LOL!)  This sentiment made me laugh out loud!  So darn funny, especially since I now fancy myself a runner (not really, but I try to make a good effort each week and only run after the ice cream truck when it's really hot outside!)
Next is what is going to become one of my favorite sets...Parisian Post.  Oh my, such great collage images in this set.  I created a mini canvas using almost all of the stamps included in the set (there's a ton!), along with a few pieces of canvas and metal.  I'll be sharing a photo tutorial of how this piece was created in the next few weeks.
Finally, I have Sweet Sara who looks sweet, but also has a darn good sense of humor.  Cake?  Count me in!

I hope you enjoyed today's cards and be sure to visit the rest of the DT's blogs...there is some stunning work out there!  Happy Hopping!